Demographic Shift Fuels UAE Healthcare Market

August 26, 2022by arp_admin0

The UAE healthcare sector has taken rapid strides to keep up with the demands of its growing population and its ambition of becoming an international medical tourism destination. Several significant improvements in diagnostic centres and surgeries, as well as new offerings tailored specifically for tourists from overseas, have driven its growth. No wonder, more than ever people are preferring to come here for vital treatments not found anywhere else.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused profound economic disruptions, but the long-term consequences are too early to predict. One of the factors driving this expansion is population growth. According to the World Bank, before the pandemic, the UAE’s population was estimated to reach 11.055 million by 2030. However, since the virus outbreak overseas has forced workers to leave for safer regions, these patterns are being questioned as safety becomes a necessity.

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