Face to Face Surveys

Asia Research Partners has one of India’s largest research fieldwork and data collection capabilities. Our full-time employees manage and supervise the work of over 1,000 field interviewers, and we have conducted more than 100,000 interviews over the last few years.

We have field offices and teams in over 30 countries. All Face-to-Face interviewing happens in local languages. We have a pool of trained and skilled resources to conduct interviews in local languages.

All Face-to-Face interviews are quality-checked to ensure that client gets high-quality insights to make strategic business decisions. We strongly focus on post-field quality checks and perform quality checks at four stages. Our field team uses a wide range of technology platforms to collect data, depending on the desired result of the project, the length of the interview, and the audience. The platforms include laptops, tablets, PDAs and mobile telephones, pens, and paper.


Asia Research Partners face-to-face field research capacity includes:

More than 1,000 field interviewers globally
Interviews recordings using digital cameras and recorders
Interviewers qualified to comply with international standards
Regular spot-checking of interviewers to ensure consistently high standards are maintained
Data collection via a range of devices including laptops, tablets, PDAs, and mobile phones
500+ mystery shoppers
Independent quality checks