Terms and Conditions

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These terms and conditions shall apply when engaging the services of Asia Research Partners LLP. By accepting a quotation, the client agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.


Asia Research Partners LLP provides research and analysis services to clients seeking insights into various markets and industries. The scope of our services is defined in a written agreement with the client, and we do not provide any other services beyond what is agreed upon.


Asia Research Partners LLP acknowledges and respects the confidentiality of the client’s business and will maintain strict confidentiality of all information obtained during the engagement. We will not disclose any confidential information to any third party without the client’s express written consent except where required by law.

Validity of Quotation

All quotations from Asia Research Partners LLP are valid for 90 days from submission date. After that date, Asia Research Partners LLP reserves the right to revise the quotation.

Fees and Invoicing

The fees quoted by Asia Research Partners LLP are for the research design and services in the specification. Any changes to the research project at the client’s request may incur additional fees.

Upon acceptance of the quotation, fees will be invoiced as follows:

  • 50% on commission and 50% on completion.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all quotations are provided in USD and exclusive of VAT. Any budget for incentives must be paid in full on commission.
  • All invoices are due for settlement within 30 days of the invoice date unless otherwise specified and agreed upon in advance. Invoices unpaid on expiry of the agreed period may be charged interest at 5% above the bank base rate for each day outstanding.

Asia Research Partners LLP reserves the right to vary the rate of interest charged. Asia Research Partners LLP also reserves the right to withhold data and/or study results pending settlement of any outstanding invoices.

Cancellation or Postponement Fees

In the event of cancellation or postponement of a research project once commissioned, Asia Research Partners LLP may charge a fee to cover the costs of all work undertaken and commitments made up to the time of receipt of formal notification from the client, including an appropriate proportion of profit.

This includes any changes to the schedule. The standard cancellation/postponement fees are as follows:

  • 15 days notice from the start of data collection – discretionary charge
  • 10-15  days notice from the start of data collection – 50% fee
  • 4 days or less – 100% fee

The client shall indemnify Asia Research Partners LLP against all costs and liabilities that may arise as a consequence of the use or demonstration of any goods or services supplied by the client for the purposes of the research project.


Unless otherwise agreed, all reports, tabulations, questionnaires, and other project documentation remain the copyright of the Asia Research Partners LLP and may not be published, quoted, or reproduced without the permission of Asia Research Partners LLP.

Data Retention

No completed paper questionnaires will be stored by the Asia Research Partners LLP for longer than 2 months from the interview date unless specifically requested by a client at the project outset. Paper questionnaire / Digital records (if applicable) may be retained if anonymized. Any data referencing names and contact details are encrypted and will be deleted within 6 months. Any client or third-party-provided sample will be maintained in accordance with GDPR.

Error and Liability

In the event of an error caused by the negligence or otherwise of Asia Research Partners LLP in any reports or tabulations supplied to the client, Asia Research Partners LLP will use its best endeavors to correct the error at its own expense but will not be held liable for the consequence of the error beyond the provision of corrected reports and tabulations. If any research project carried out by the Asia Research Partners LLP involves the prediction of future sales, market shares, or another aspect of consumer behavior, it must be recognized that such predictions, while made in good faith, are intended only as an aid to the client’s judgment and that the Asia Research Partners LLP cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the client as a result of any error in such predictions.

Code of Conduct

All aspects of the Asia Research Partners LLP research projects will be performed in accordance with ISO 9001:2013 and ISO/ IEC 27001: 2013.


In the event of any dispute, Asia Research Partners LLP and its client may make a reference to arbitration procedures.


If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us at infodl@asiaresearchpartners.com