North America

Asia Research Partners offers a full spectrum of market research solutions to global clients, from quantitative online research and CATI research to qualitative depth interviews and focus groups.

We offer comprehensive fieldwork solutions for companies that provide market research services, consulting services, and companies that need business process outsourcing globally.

We have in-house interviewers proficient in all major languages, leveraging cutting-edge data collection technologies and strategies to effectively reach your target audience.

Our qualitative and quantitative research services include:

Qualitative Solutions
Focus Groups Mini Groups Face-to-Face In-depth Interviews
Face-to-Face Consumer Interviews Telephonic In-depth Interviews Extended Groups
Ethnographic Research CLTs (Central Location Tests) Mystery Shopping
Street/Mall Intercepts Stakeholders/Key Opinion Leaders Interviews Transcriptions Services
Recruitment Services Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Quantitative Solutions
PAPI (Paper and Pen Interviews) CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviews)
CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews) CAWI (Computer Aided Web/Online Interviews)
Asia Research Partners North America Qual
Asia Research Partners North America Quant

ARP Research Capabilities

Focus Group/ One way mirror facilities
Large databases available for recruitment of: IT Managers & above, Physicians, Surgeons, Consumers, Stakeholders, Key Opinion leaders, etc
Audio/ Video Recording & Web Streaming available in all the facilities
Multiple locations globally for large face-to-face interviews, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping
Professional moderators with a minimum of 10 years experience
CATI facility for telephonic interviews
Recruitment for IDIs/FGDs by CATI or Face-to-Face
Asia Research Partners North America Qualitative
Asia Research Partners North America Quantitative
Asia Research Partners North America Growth