Supply Market Analysis

Asia Research Partners provides research support to procurement professionals across the entire spectrum of the sourcing process. As a first step, we simplify the operating dynamics of target supply markets for clients and help them customize their sourcing activities accordingly. This also enables us to build the credibility of the client’s category sourcing activities with other critical functions, including marketing and legal. We examine the nature of category markets, demand and supply levers, market trends, etc., to gain insights into buyer-supplier interactions and drive category sourcing strategies.

Our scope has covered both developed and emerging markets and has spanned the full gamut of direct and indirect categories across the globe.

  • Supplier Landscape
  • Industry-Specific Supply Chain Trends
  • Market Characteristics and Challenges
  • Supplier Service Mapping
  • Supplier Cost Drivers
  • Bargaining Power (Buyer Vs. Supplier)
  • Contract Structure (Pricing)
  • Distribution Models Analysis
  • Commodity/Currency Price Outlook Analysis

Recent Case Studies

Periodic price movement analysis for a set of commodities (Cobalt, Nickel, Molybdenum, Lanthanum Oxide, Vanadium, etc.) The analysis included the recent pricing trends, key drivers, supply and demand overview, and short-medium term outlook.

Analysis of the various Supply Chain models adopted by key players in the Indian supply chain network on behalf of a client that was planning to optimize its distribution network.

Detailed mapping of the various services offered in the Facility Management industry in the United Kingdom by the various players present in the industry.