Market Assessment

Asia Research Partners Market Assessment Research services provide corporate strategy and management professionals with a holistic and detailed approach. We have worked across every major industry and have in-depth experience in both organic and inorganic growth scenarios. We strive to provide concise, structured, and relevant insights through a rigorous integration of comprehensive secondary research with in-depth, global primary research, tailored to the scope of the specific engagement.

  • New Market Entry Assessment
  • New Product Launch/Extension
  • New Customer Segment Penetration
  • Geographical Expansion
  • Market Sizing
  • Industry and Sector Analysis
  • Country and Macroeconomic Analysis

Recent Case Studies

Detailed global analysis of the ‘ISO Tank Container’ market on behalf of a UK-based client that was identifying growth centers and hence potential expansion markets globally.

Detailed analysis of the Solar REC market in India along with the viability analysis of a project under the mechanism on behalf of a client that was evaluating the attractiveness of the solar market in India.

Study of the Plastic Bottle Industry in the MEA region on behalf of an end-client who was contemplating setting up a manufacturing facility (PET or HDPE) in the region and wanted to evaluate the mark.

Market studies of industries such as the ‘US Casino Industry’, ‘The Global Acne Treatment Market’, etc. The studies covered sections such as ‘Market Overview’, ‘Key Trends and Developments’, etc.