Focus Group Discussions

Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) find out visceral and uncensored ideas and reactions from people. Asia Research Partners conducts focus groups to obtain information and qualitative data that typically cannot be obtained through quantitative research.

Our moderators have extensive experience conducting focus group discussions with consumers, Business to Business, and Government stakeholders across India. Our focus group moderators have extensive sector-specific knowledge and moderating skills that combine direct and projective techniques. Our moderators can provide you with valuable insights and advice on the responses from the focus group participants

Speaker giving presentation in hall at workshop. Audience or conference hall. Participants, co-workers listening at the table.
Group of businesspeople having a discussion near staircase in office
Focus Groups can
Explore impressions of brands and concepts
Create ideas and potential solutions
Discover the conscious and unconscious aspects of consumer motivation and behaviour.
Our state-of-the-art facility is located globally. The facility is one of the best equipped with Focus Vision and One Way Mirror facilities.
Feel free to contact us for our Moderator’s Bio, Facility Pictures, and other details in any part of the world.