Survey Programming

Asia Research Partners has an advanced team of programmers capable of programming complex surveys for CATI and CAPI interviews and executing a large volume of data processing, coding, and analysis projects.

The surveys are programmed using a variety of survey programming tools including ConfirmIT, SPSS MRInterview, CATI, and other proprietary tools. In addition, owing to our experience and the accelerated training process, our programmers can easily be trained on other proprietary tools.

Asia Research Partners has pioneered numerous innovative approaches to data representation. We do normalization, mapping, data warehousing and then report that data in a way that is interactive and meaningful.

We build client-specific modules for the data processing and analysis using tools such as SPSS, Quantum, Quanvert, WinCross, mrTables, Excel, Access and MS-SQL.

We can offer robust solutions for projects requiring different types of reports to be created. Reports can have any type of graphics and visuals. These bespoke applications cater to advanced data analysis where data can be sliced and diced as per the requirement.

Survey Programming Capabilities
  1. Randomised concept testing.
  2. Embedding third-party interactive Flash tools in traditional surveys.
  3. 3rd party DB transactions, using any kind of audio/video files.
  4. Complex logic involving manual rotation, de-rotation (required for easier data interpretation).
  5. E-Mail Surveys in ASP, SQLServer [or MSAccess] or PHP, MySQL platforms along with mailing facilities to respondents.
Data Processing Expertise
  1. Highly qualified team for Data Processing.
  2. Programmers trained in Quantum.
  3. Highly qualified team for Data Processing.
  4. Familiar with data formats and deliverable requirements.
  5. E-Mail Surveys in ASP, SQLServer [or MSAccess] or PHP, MySQL platforms and mailing facilities to the respondents
Experience with the following applications:
  • Quantum
  • SPSS
  • WinCross
Services Offered for Data Processing, Analysis & Output Preparation
Output Preparation Data Analysis Data Processing
Insight Generation Cross Tabulation Data Validation
Document Submission in Various Formats – PDF, HTML, XML, Word, Power Point Significance Testing Data Entry
Posting and Charting of Tabulated Data Conjoint Analysis Data Tabulation
Regression & Correlation Data Cleaning
Statistical Analysis using SPSS Open Ended Coding