Market Supplier Intelligence

Asia Research Partners provides category-specific support to its clients in evaluating supplier RFIs —conducting both supplier identification and pre-qualification—so that they can skip to the RFP phase immediately. We support the RFQ/RFP process from design to execution, including providing analyst support and facilitation as well as rigorous RFP Analytics, as is necessitated in complex global sourcing scenarios (i.e., evaluating multi-product distributors across multiple regions and countries).

  • Supplier Identification and Profiling/Tracking (Global/Regional)
  • Supplier Capability Assessment (Production and Technical Capabilities)

Recent Case Studies

Detailed profiling and analysis of leading global IT companies on behalf of the end-client who wanted to identify the right supplier to enter into a long-term IT procurement agreement with the same Identification and profiling of Energy brokerage companies in the UK on behalf of the end-user client; the project involved mapping of service offerings across the supplier universe.

Identification of leading legal service providers in the UK; a study was undertaken on behalf of an Indian player who had to employ a UK-based legal counsel for procuring services related to a financial transaction.