Online Focus Groups & Bulletin Boards

Online Focus Groups are the company’s money and time-saving choice. A text-based, real-time, focus group is the best choice for quick results. A fast, fun, lively way to get feedback; online focus groups are quickly being accepted by market researchers as a complement to other research tools.

Asia Research Partners offers an easy-to-use online focus group self-service. Respondents just need to log in using a web browser.

Our live (real-time) online focus groups are divided into two categories:

Common chat-based online focus groups and visual webcam & audio online focus groups.
Chat-based online focus groups provide a degree of participant anonymity and transcripts are available of the session.
Webcam & audio-based online focus groups are more popular in areas where reliable broadband access is available. The video and audio sessions can be recorded and played back immediately.
Advantages of online focus groups 
  1. Group members can participate from any Internet-connected computer at any convenient time. This means your focus group can include senior executives and decision-makers who are difficult to convene.
  2. Participation requires no travel and can be conducted across time zones, from anywhere in the world. This eliminates travel costs and the need to coordinate many people’s schedules.
  3. You can obtain more information from fewer groups. Up to 20 individuals can participate.
  4. In general, online focus groups are less costly, even though more people can be included.
  5. You can observe the exchange and modify the questions while the group is in progress, allowing you to take advantage of unexpected turns in the discussion.
  6. Group members can remain anonymous to all but the moderator and client, so they tend to be more candid in their comments.
  7. Using graphics, sound, and even video, participants can evaluate websites, logos, and commercials – anything that can be sent over the internet.

Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups allow respondents and moderators to share input within a relaxed time frame usually scheduled over 3-10 days.

The conversation is text-based. Respondents are encouraged to respond to other posts
20-50 respondents can be accommodated
Moderator/Respondent interaction is asynchronous
Visuals and audio can be shared
Comparison Bulletin Board Focus Groups Vs. Online Focus Groups
Bulletin Board Focus Groups Online Focus Groups
20-50 Respondents 8-15 Respondents
3-10 days 90 minutes
Static Interaction Dynamic Interaction
Visuals and Audio available Visuals and Audio available