Product Testing

Asia Research Partners has a state-of-the-art infrastructure for Product Testing researches as leading businesses are recognizing the value of product testing. We use Monadic Testing, Sequential Monadic Designs, and Paired-Comparison Designs Techniques for product testing. Monadic Testing is the best way to simulate real-life (that’s the way we usually use products, one at a time). By focusing on the respondent’s attention on one product, the monadic test provides the most accurate and actionable diagnostic information.

Product testing can be used to:

Measure the effects of ageing upon product quality shelf-life studies.
Monitor the potential threat levels posed by competitive products to understand competitive strengths and weaknesses.
Implicitly measure the effects of price, brand name, or packaging upon perceived product performance.
To achieve product superiority over competitive products.
Monitor product quality from different factories, through different channels of distribution, and from year to year.
Predict the acceptance of new products by the consumer.
Continuous improvement of product performance and customer satisfaction.
Guide research and development in the creation of new products or the upgrading of existing product folio.

Companies committed to robust product testing and continuous product improvement can, in most instances, achieve product superiority over their competitors. Product superiority, in turn, helps strengthen brand share, magnifies the positive effects of all marketing activities (advertising, promotion, sales, etc.), and often allows the superior product to command a premium price relative to competitors.