Banking & Retail

Asia Research Partners specializes in researching and analyzing the banking, insurance, and retail sectors. We offer market reports that are clear on the force behind certain trends. Asia Research Partners is dedicated to delivering quality data analysis services that help companies deal with these issues directly through analytics-driven studies.

There are two main types of retail:

  • Organized Retail:Those traders/retailers licensed for trading activities and registered to pay taxes to the government
  • Unorganized Retail:It comprises unauthorized small shops such as mom and pop shops, general stores, corner shops and other small retail outlets, but remain the core of Indian retail industry.

The global retail market is projected to grow from $23.6 trillion in 2018 to $26.7 trillion by 2022, a CAGR of 4.4%. Retail market is growing at fast pace in recent times as a lot of consumers are migrating towards online buying due to convenience and ease of access along with cash-saving opportunities that are currently available to them. This has led to a shift from brick and mortar shops towards online shopping portals. Industry experts claim it will continue being an attractive retail destination in the future as well due to the vast growth in internet penetration and rise in spending power of emerging economies.

Apparel & Fashion Retail
The fashion and textile industry carry a big responsibility. Some countries have been alarmed by some recent trends in their industry, for example the massive increase in demand bringing about the increased consumption of natural resources and contributing to pollution. In turn, many countries expect that in 2025 there will be hundreds of millions more consumers than there are today due to current market projections.
Food & Beverage Retail
With new organizations and technologies emerging all the time, every industry is undergoing an exciting transformation. As a result, more opportunities are starting to open up for businesses looking to get a slice of this glorious pie! Experts have predicted that being involved in food and beverage industry is going to be one of the best industries to be within! The industry is predicted to grow at healthy rates over the next 5 years because of this technology revolution - around 30-35% annually.
Pharmaceutical Retail
A revolution has occurred in the pharmaceutical industry as a result of new technologies, cost-effective manufacturing approaches, and more efficient processes. It is also important to note that this field is constantly growing as the global pharmaceutical manufacturing market size was valued at $405.52 billion in 2020, and is expected to grow to a value of $639.42 billion by 2028. This positive growth can be attributed to an increasing investment flow into the space as well as consumers' increasing demand for these drugs.