Central Location Interviews

Central Location Interview (CLT) is based on a personal interview with consumers in a central location, such as the mall, department store, or specially arranged spaces for such interviews. Consumers are contacted by phone and their arrival at the central location is arranged beforehand. During the interview, the interviewee participates in the online or PAPI questionnaire and the interviewer ensures that the process remains smooth. Since the interview/survey has been conducted in person, the interviewer can test new products, have participants comment on marketing materials, packaging, and so on.

Advantages of Central Location Interview

  • Possibility of direct testing of products, marketing messaging, packaging, etc.
  • Particularly convenient for new product testing
  • The neutral location will isolate the effects of irrelevant factors on the research as well as the interviewee’s answers
  • Personal interaction allows interviewers to answer any questions that be of lower costs to the participants

CLT is considered to be the most appropriate approach for testing concepts, products, packaging, advertising effectiveness as well as sensory research.