Automobile Clinics

Automobile Clinic is one of the best ways to help automakers sort out market responses before they introduce new products. To be more specific, target customers are asked to evaluate upcoming new products and product prototypes to assist automakers to make accurate judgments on the market response after products have been launched.

Asia Research Partners has an experienced and professional automobile clinic research team composed of international project managers, automobile clinic moderators, and fieldworkers. Our clients include leading market research and consulting firms working with leading automobile companies from Germany, Korea, Japan, and France. We have invited hundreds of targeted automobile owners to provide valuable insight and input over the recent years.

Automobile market research studies include clinics, which are the primary tool for uncovering key insights on consumer response to changes in design and details of prototype automobiles introduced to India. We can conduct static automobile clinics, dynamic automobile clinics, 3D virtual automobile clinics, new model tests and driving usability studies to meet the needs of ARP customers.