Telephonic Surveys

Telephonic Surveys – CATI

Asia Research Partners has a state-of-the-art CATI call center that is fully equipped with remote monitoring access for our clients and utilizes CATI technology to maximize data collection quality and performance. Our CATI Center offers outbound CATI interviews from India to English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and other markets.

The facility is equipped with in-house CATI software and has experience with VOXCO, NEBU, and others. We have the experience and expertise to complete large-scale studies with a sample size of 7,000+ interviews. Our CATI centers are well-equipped with automatic dialing, supervisor monitoring, remote barge-in, and call recording facilities. To ensure high voice quality, the CATI centers use IPLC, VOIP, and ISDN telephone lines. We allow real-time interview monitoring and digital recordings for quality and audit purposes. Clients can use our remote barge-in facility to listen to live interviews as well as recording on-demand.

Extensive training of the interviewers is carried out for language proficiency, understanding of the questionnaire, background on the study, and etiquettes. The data collection aspect through CATI is closely monitored for both voice and data quality by separate teams.

As part of our quality control standards, we monitor approximately 50% of all completed interviews against industry standards of 10-20% call quality checks. All market research interviewers are minimum graduates and have at least 3 years of experience in interviewing various types of respondents. Below are few profiles of our interviewers:

CATI – Team Profile

Our staff is one of our greatest assets and strengths. We have built a seasoned team of highly skilled and well-motivated marketing research professionals. Having unique and diverse backgrounds, our staff can focus on the needs of clients and solve marketing problems with new solutions. Our employees share in the profits made by the company and therefore our staff knows that the future of our company depends on client satisfaction.

We are organised into account service teams tailored to meet the individual needs of each project. Each study is assigned a project director, a bilingual research executive, and a fieldwork manager. Depending upon the nature of the assignment, additional personnel (coders, programmers, etc.) are assigned to support specific tasks. Everyone working on a project will be involved from the outset and will be fully briefed about the client’s objectives and needs. As part of the company culture, all senior staff members, including our President, are actively involved in research projects aimed at ensuring high quality and timely delivery.

Our highly experienced and qualified Project Directors can assist our clients at all stages of the project – from design to analysis and presentation. They work closely with clients to help them define marketing objectives and craft them into a workable and comprehensive research project that precisely meets research needs. Executive staff are creative thinkers with advanced research skills, bringing together backgrounds in psychology, marketing, and medicine. If we were to conduct this study, the following project team would be involved:

Fieldwork Manager

Our Fieldwork Managers are responsible for managing the entire interviewing process, coordinating our extensive network of interviewers, and running our internal telephone centre. They all are experts in project management and supervision, and are dedicated to ensuring data collection meets the highest possible quality standards and that all deadlines are met.

CATI Interviewer’s Profile 

Interviewer: Graduate (12+3 Yr. Education) from Delhi University with experience in healthcare, B2B and B2C studies in India & English-speaking countries. All of our interviewers have more than 3 years of experience conducting interviews in the healthcare, consumer, automotive, and IT industries.