Terms of Use & Membership for Online Panel Members

Welcome to asiaresearchpartners.com (referred to as the “Site”). Your use of this website, enrollment as a panel member, or participation in any surveys offered by Asia Research Partners LLP (ARP) constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use and Membership (“Terms”). By agreeing to these Terms, you confirm that you have reviewed and understood our Privacy Policy, which outlines how ARP collects, utilizes, and safeguards your information. 

If you do not agree to these Terms or the Privacy Policy, we kindly ask that you refrain from using our Site.

We (ARP) reserve the right to revise these Terms and the Privacy Policy at any time. It is essential for you to periodically review them for any updates. Your continued use of our Site following any modifications signifies your acceptance of those changes. While you adhere to these Terms, you are granted permission to access and utilize our website. However, this permission is solely for your personal use and may not be shared with others.


Membership in any ARP panel is free and accessible solely to individuals (excluding businesses) aged 16 or above or meeting the minimum age specified by your locality. Certain panels may impose additional age or location prerequisites. If you are under 18 and receive benefits from an incentive program, they will be directed to your legal guardian. Each participant is restricted to a single account.


To engage in our surveys, you must have access to your own computer and internet connection. It’s crucial to recognize that becoming a part of our panel or completing surveys on our behalf (or our clients’) does not establish an employer-employee, partnership, or agency affiliation. You’ll be performing survey tasks as an independent contractor, and any incentives earned serve as your sole compensation.

Registration & Passwords

Browsing the Site is possible without registration, but creating an account is necessary to engage in surveys. This involves completing an online registration form with your full name, address, email address, and other requested details. Accuracy of information is crucial, as incomplete data may result in the suspension of your account.

Upon registration, you’ll receive a unique username and password. It is imperative to safeguard your password’s confidentiality and refrain from sharing it with others. You are accountable for all activities on your account, whether authorized or not. While ARP assumes no liability for unauthorized usage unless attributable to them, they encourage immediate reporting of suspicious activities.

If you forget your password, a simple reset procedure is available through email.

By enrolling in ARP’s panels, you consent to receive survey invitations via email. The frequency of invitations is not guaranteed, and participation is entirely voluntary. Declining to participate in any survey will not result in penalization.

ARP Member Guidelines

As a valued member of ARP, a global market research company dedicated to providing valuable consumer insights, we kindly ask you to follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and productive community for everyone. When interacting with ARP’s Site, we kindly request that you follow these guidelines:

  • Be Respectful: Treat others courteously and create a positive environment for all.
  • Content Restrictions: Avoid sharing personal information, illegal content, promotions, copyrighted material, or anything that impersonates others or violates privacy.
  • Honest Surveys: Participate in surveys truthfully and thoroughly to ensure the quality of research.
  • Account Usage: Use your ARP account only within your registered country and maintain accurate device settings.
  • Site Purpose: The website is for personal use only. Avoid activities that break any laws or regulations.
  • Authenticity: Be truthful about your identity and avoid referencing survey content without permission.
  • Respect Privacy: Don’t collect personal information from other members.
  • Security: Don’t attempt unauthorized access or use harmful tools to disrupt the Site.
  • Help Desk: Treat the help desk respectfully and avoid reposting their responses.
  • Client Communication: Do not contact ARP’s clients directly.
  • Proper Conduct: Avoid any actions deemed inappropriate by ARP.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may lead to account termination and forfeiture of accrued points.

Uploading Content to The Site

Sharing content on our Site carries specific responsibilities. You are required to adhere to the guidelines outlined in our Content Rules, which are available below.

Any material you upload (“User Content”) is considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. Consequently, we and other users, including our clients, retain the right to utilize, store, replicate, and distribute it. We may disclose your identity when someone asserts that your content infringes upon your rights. It’s important to understand that we bear no responsibility for the accuracy of any User Content, and we retain the prerogative to eliminate content that fails to meet our standards. 

Ensure you possess the requisite permissions to share any images you upload, particularly those obtained from free image repositories. Lastly, please recognize that the perspectives expressed by other users are their own and do not necessarily align with our viewpoints.

Guidelines For Uploading Content

When uploading any User Content to the Site, you must adhere to the following terms:

  • Do not violate any laws, including copyright laws.
  • Obtain clear consent before posting personal information or media.
  • Ensure your content is not offensive, threatening, defamatory, or misleading.
  • Respect intellectual property rights and privacy.
  • Take responsibility for all content posted, including emails sent via the Site.

If any rules are breached, please notify us immediately through our contact page.

We reserve the right to moderate, edit, or remove User Content, as necessary. We may use the content you posted as outlined in the Privacy Policy.

You agree to indemnify us for any losses or liabilities resulting from your use of the Site or breach of these terms.

If notified of intellectual property infringement, we may disclose your identity to the aggrieved party for enforcement action.

You acknowledge and waive any rights regarding such disclosure.

Member Content and License

By submitting content to the Site, you grant ARP a non-exclusive, perpetual, global, royalty-free license to use any content you submit to the Site for any purpose. This encompasses editing, copying, publishing, displaying, modifying, and distributing content. You bear sole responsibility for all content you upload or submit to the Site, including in Surveys, and must secure requisite approvals for posting.

Confidentiality of Surveys

During Surveys, ARP’s clients may impart confidential, commercially sensitive, and proprietary information and materials to you, of which they shall remain exclusively owned. This may encompass new services, product ideas, packaging, advertising, and media concepts. By participating, you consent to maintaining the confidentiality of all Survey contents and refraining from disclosing them to third parties or utilizing them for any purpose beyond Survey completion. Violations could lead to the forfeiture of Incentives, account termination, and potential monetary liabilities.

ARP Intellectual Property

The content on this Site is safeguarded by intellectual property laws, and ARP or its licensors reserve all rights.

The ARP logo, “ARP,” and “asiaresearchpartners.com” are trademarks or registered trademarks of ARP or its affiliates. Any other trademarks, service marks, logos, and trade names featured on this Site are the property of ARP or their respective owners and are used by ARP with permission.

All content, including text, design, graphics, images, and software, is subject to intellectual property rights owned by ARP or its licensors. Reproducing, distributing, republishing, uploading, or modifying content without prior consent is prohibited. This Site is © ARP. All rights reserved.

Limitation of Liability

You agree that ARP and its affiliates or agents will not be liable to you or any other individual for any special, incidental, punitive, consequential, or similar damages, including lost profits, loss of privacy, security breaches, or failure to fulfill any duty, arising from any violation or aspect of the agreement or this Site. This applies even if ARP has been advised of the possibility of such damages, regardless of fault or legal theory.

Under no circumstances shall ARP, its corporate parents, affiliates, successors, assigns, suppliers, or agents be liable for an amount exceeding the actual retail value of a relevant incentive. 


By agreeing to these terms, you undertake to indemnify and shield ARP, its parent and affiliated companies, as well as their officers, owners, directors, employees, and agents, from any and all claims, losses, damages, suits, fines, levies, and costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees and expert witness costs, as well as costs associated with in-house counsel) (“Claims”) arising from or connected to your use of this Site and any content you post on this Site, including Claims initiated by third parties. ARP retains the right to defend and settle any Claim without your prior authorization, and you consent to providing ARP with reasonable assistance in the defense of any Claim.

Tax Obligations

You may be liable to pay taxes on incentives received according to local laws. 

ARP reserves the right to provide information to tax authorities or withhold taxes as necessary. By participating, you agree to furnish ARP with any required personal information for tax compliance. Failure to provide requested information within 30 days may lead to forfeiture of incentives.

Account Cancellation

You can cancel your ARP account anytime by contacting ARP at infodl@asiaresearchpartners.com or by accessing the “Account” section and selecting the “Unsubscribe” tab. Upon cancellation or withdrawal from the ARP panel, your account will be closed immediately.

Links to Other Sites

ARP provides links to third-party websites for your convenience but does not necessarily endorse them. Please understand that ARP does not review or evaluate these third-party sites’ content, accuracy, or safety. As a result, ARP cannot be held liable for any third-party materials, websites, or other products/services. Additionally, you agree not to use any third-party materials in a way that infringes on the rights of others. Please note that ARP cannot be held responsible for your misuse of third-party materials.


We may issue notices on this Site or via email. Please direct any notices to Asia Research Partners LLP, B-1/1-1, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area, New Delhi -110044, or you can also email us at infodl@asiaresearchpartners.com

Entire Agreement

These Terms, along with the Privacy Policy and any supplementary terms on the Site, represent our complete agreement If any provision is deemed invalid, it shall be adjusted or removed to the extent required. Our failure to respond to a breach does not negate our right to act in the future. By agreeing to these terms, you waive the right to initiate class action lawsuits against ARP. Any action against ARP will be undertaken solely by you.

Notice of Copyright Infringement

ARP respects intellectual property rights. If you believe your work has been infringed upon on this Site, please contact our Operations Head with

  • Our signature or authorized representative’s
  • Identification of the copyrighted work
  • Details to locate the infringing material
  • Contact information
  • A statement of good faith belief
  • Confirmation of accuracy and authorization to act

Send copyright infringement claims and notices to infodl@asiaresearchpartners.com

Concerns and Feedback Regarding SurveysIf you encounter any complaints or issues with the content of a survey, please contact us at Asia Research Partners, B1-I-1, Second Floor, Mohan Estate, New Delhi—110048. Under no circumstances should you directly contact any of ARP’s clients or the sponsors of any surveys.

Release of Liability

ARP and its partners are not liable for lost or delayed entries or any damages arising from technical errors or prize redemption. The winner is responsible for additional costs and consents to promotional use of their information.


ARP reserves the right to terminate accounts for tampering, violating terms, or disruptive behavior.

Termination of Your Account

If your membership or access to the Site is terminated or suspended, you must only access the Website with prior written consent from ARP.