New Approach to Data Collection

June 30, 2023by arp_admin

“Market research and consumer insight are the cornerstones of a successful communications strategy.”

Market Research is essential for business success and competitive differentiation. It helps companies understand what product features most appeal to their customers, why people buy the products they do, how much they pay for them, and other essential factors that impact business.

The insights from market research can act as a guiding force for companies responding to health pandemics such as Covid-19. During an outbreak, staying ahead of consumers’ needs, wants, fears, and expectations become more critical – all of which will affect their buying behaviors.

At Asia Research Partners LLP, we offer solutions for every facet of the market research industry. Our proprietary technology and services enable users to access, analyze, and share information in ways that were not possible before.

Trust Market Research for Fast Decision Making 

The outbreak of COVID-19 had a devastating impact on the global economy. This led to an increase in market research aimed at examining how different types of consumers responded to the recession and its aftermath.

The experience and intelligence embedded in market research findings have become increasingly important as firms try to understand the volatile consumer psyche. With this in mind, we aim to provide you with the right insights and strategic guidance that will help you make smart decisions for your business – whether it’s a product launch or any other marketing initiatives you might be planning.

Deep Dive into the Consumer Behavior 

ARP has been a pioneer in this space for the past 15 years. Consumer insights and market research are the keys to driving business decisions for its clients, so they need access to the latest technology, techniques, and processes to help them compete more effectively.

This has facilitated a shift at ARP, driven by the continuous evolution of technology and consumer behavior – as they continue to move online, so does the opportunity to collect real-time data at scale.

  • Online Focus Groups are now a preferred choice of marketers for getting real-time feedback from customers, prospects, and users. These surveys are specifically conducted to obtain customer feedback more efficiently and at a lower cost.
  • In-depth Interviews are also being conducted remotely via screen sharing with respondents. Still, it is only after a review of the initial set of responses has been done and the topic has been narrowed down to a handful of themes that this technique is used. This allows us to achieve much greater depth in our interviews than possible if we were doing all of them in person.
  • Traditional versus Virtual Ethnography: Virtual Ethnography is not a new term. In recent times, however, it has gained much popularity among those working in this industry. A virtual ethnography is conducted using a variety of communication channels such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, etc. This method allows ARP to reach out to the maximum number of participants and interview them easily.
  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews) and CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) have emerged as two of the most promising tools to reach our clients. Methodologies such as these help us get insights into our customers, enabling us to offer them the right kind of service.

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