6 Easy Tips for Mobile-Friendly Surveys: Engaging Respondents On the Go!

November 3, 2023by arp blog

Are your surveys struggling to capture the attention of respondents on the move? Connecting with busy individuals in today’s fast-paced world can be challenging, but fear not!

We have 6 expert tips to help you design mobile-friendly surveys that finally engage those elusive respondents constantly on the go.

Tips for Designing Mobile-Friendly Surveys

#1. Keep it Short and Simple

Mobile users have limited time, so keep your surveys concise and straightforward. Avoid long paragraphs and multi-question pages to enhance the user experience and boost completion rates.

#2. Utilize Responsive Design

Make your survey mobile-friendly with a responsive design, allowing for easy navigation on various devices. Take advantage of mobile features such as swiping and dropdown menus.


#3. Opt for Mobile-Friendly Question Types

Choose questions that are easy to navigate on small screens, such as multiple choice or Likert scales. Dropdown menus are a space-efficient solution for long lists, reducing scrolling and clutter.

#4. Ensure Accessibility

Make text and buttons large enough for easy reading and clicking on small screens. Consider one-handed use and thumb placement when designing the layout.

#5. Use Images Wisely

While images can enhance the visual appeal of your survey, use them sparingly to prevent slow loading times, especially on data-limited devices.

#6. Test on Various Devices

Test your survey on different devices with varying screen sizes and orientations to ensure compatibility and a seamless experience for all respondents. Apart from testing various devices with different OS versions, it is also essential to check for compatibility across landscape and portrait modes.

Embrace these mobile-friendly survey tips to improve response rates and data quality. Happy surveying!

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