Global Research Solutions

Asia Research Partners provides research solutions in North America, Europe,  Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Asia Research Partners is a global market research company dedicated to serving our clients’ needs as the forefront of its operations. Our clients benefit from high-quality market research solutions that are cost-efficient and timely. As an international company with extensive partnerships and a team of skilled project managers, Asia Research Partners has the ability to meet each client’s needs with versatility and competitiveness.


Our in-house calling software allows Interviewers located in various international locations to conduct CATI surveys. Interviewers can easily access sample databases for a variety of countries on our server since we have samples of databases for various locations.

All the calls will be recorded and disposition will be generated for the sample database. The clients can perform live barge-in, monitoring, and call recording reporting.

Requirements / Steps for Global CATI Calling
  1. All Interviewers have a high-speed internet connection, headphones, and a computer. Interviewers will connect to our server via an internet connection.
  2. Once Interviewers are connected, they can either dial from their headset or will get the samples uploaded on the server.
  3. Interviewers will get the CATI survey on the same screen.
  4. Once the interviews are completed, the call will be recorded on its own. The client will have access to all of the recordings, sample databases, and project data.
Geographical Coverage
APAC India, Sri lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh,
Nepal, China, Singapore, Hong Kong,
Taiwan, Japan, Australia, South Korea,
Myanmar, Maldives, Phillipines, Vietnam
Europe UK, France, Germany, Italy,
Spain, Poland, Ireland, Sweden, Ukrain
Middle East Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, UAE
North America US, Canada, Mexico
Latin America Honduras, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru
Africa Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Asia Research Partners provides high quality, cost and time effective market research in all the following regions through:

In-house CATI Center for Global Research: Fully equipped CATI Center specializes in interviewing through Computer Aided Telephonic Interviewing systems.

Global Research Partners: We have extensive partnerships throughout the world and specialize in conducting quantitative and qualitative research encompassing regions across the globe. Due to long and reliable business partnerships, we get a better price from our partners and deliver the benefits to our clients.