What to Expect from the Research Industry in 2021

August 7, 2021by arp_admin0

In a global economy that took a significant hit in 2020, the market research industry developed at a breakneck pace, influencing the research parameters, which are no longer limited to lengthy surveys, with an inclination towards online methodologies. The key thing to keep in mind is that we will see a movement towards surveys being at the point of experience.
In the past, conducting research was a matter of sending out questionnaires to customers and collecting data over a few weeks. Nowadays, with technology being an integral part of our lives, the measurement of consumer behavior has become more challenging than ever before. With consumers now having access to information from multiple sources at any point in time, it is now crucial for market research firms to adapt to the changing times and make their methodologies more efficient.
At a time, when there is a lot of noise in the market, the need for smarter research is required; with a shift in methods and focus from transactional to customer data, role metrics to consumer research, and opinion research to academic research.

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